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Anokian Nature Inc.

20 Rue De Beloeil
Mercier QC

Description de l’entreprise:

Fresh natural and ecological beauty products. All hand made with wild forest pickings.
Our products are made in small quantities to offer an exceptional fresh and superior quality.
We are convinced that our skin is has important has the food we eat. We work with no chemicals, no perfume or fragrances.
In our aboriginal culture we respect mother nature and make it our priority.
With every picking that we make, we thank mother nature for giving us the privilege to heal ourselves.

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Nouveaux produits

Canadien Elderberries Tinture. High in vitamine c: Strengthens the immune systeme,Anti-Inflammatory,Fight the symptoms of colds and flu,Reduce fever,Relieve nasal congestion,Diuretic and detoxifying properties. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Accréditations et distinctions

Minister of Agriculture licences MAPAQ .Agricultural License,UPA


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